Assorted, Red, Electrical, Terminals, 400

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Assorted Red Electrical Terminals (400)


Product Description


400 Assorted Red Terminals (12 most popular sizes)



 Contents (12 types)
 25 x WT1   (spade 2.8mm)
 25 x WT2   (spade 4.8mm)
 30 x WT3   (spade 6.3mm)
 10 x WT9   (spade 4.8mm - insulated)
 50 x WT10 (spade 6.3mm - insulated)
 40 x WT15 (butt)
 25 x WT37 (ring 4.3mm)
 25 x WT38 (ring 5.3mm)
 20 x WT39 (ring 6.4mm)
 50 x WT58 (male spade/tab)
 50 x WT63 (bullet)
 50 x WT66 (bullet receptacle)


For individual sizes, Search "WT" (for Blue or Yellow boxes See AT81 or AT82)

* additional info

Product Code: AT80

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