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Element 5 Battery Riveter Gun 18V LI-ION

PRG5Element 5 Battery Riveter Gun 18V LI-ION

£298.50 £249.95

Capacity : Ø2,4 to 5,0mm, steel, aluminium, stainless steel Traction power : 12 000 N (2,640 l…

Battery Cable 60mm² (Not Multi Flexible)

ZZ-AC21Battery Cable 60mm² (Not Multi Flexible)

£61.40 £38.00

Battery Cable 60mm². 415amp (Not Multi Flexible) (not supplied on a reel) 10 metres *Ima…

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Air Powered Belt Sander - PCL

AL48Air Powered Belt Sander - PCL

£121.60 £98.40

PCL Belt Sander. (Air-powered) Designed for metal work fabrication, general sheet metal work …

20w COB LED Cordless Worklamp

IL2820w COB LED Cordless Worklamp

£45.90 £32.00

  20W LED rechargeable work light manufactured with durable aluminium light housing with sturdy …

Multifunction, 36 LED Light - Amber

LV17Multifunction, 36 LED Light - Amber

£36.70 £24.95

  36 LED Light - Amber 12/24v (Clear lens, Colured LED's). 70mm x 70mm Multi function: Can be…

Multifunction, 36 LED Light - Red

LV18Multifunction, 36 LED Light - Red

£36.70 £24.95

  36 LED Light - Red, 12/24v (Clear lens, Colured LED's). 70mm x 70mm Multi function: Can be …

Multifunction, 36 LED Light - White

LV19Multifunction, 36 LED Light - White

£36.70 £24.95

  36 LED Light - White, 12/24v (Clear lens). 70mm x 70mm Multi function: Can be configured as…

Multifunction, 36 LED Light - Blue

LV20Multifunction, 36 LED Light - Blue

£36.70 £24.95

  36 LED Light - Blue, 12/24v (Clear lens, Colured LED's), 70mm x 70mm Multi function: Can be…

Hand held welding shield

WR98 DISCONTINUEDHand held welding shield

£19.95 £13.85

Out of stock

  Hand held welding shield Fibreglass 4 1/4"  x 3 1/4" * Lenses not included.  …

Oil Barrel Pump (125cm long)

GRN30Oil Barrel Pump (125cm long)

£18.25 £12.50

Oil Barrel Pump (125cm long) Heavy duty rotary pump transfers non corrosive fluids of light to …

Aluminium Mig Wire 0.8mm (2Kg Reel)

WR104Aluminium Mig Wire 0.8mm (2Kg Reel)

£23.20 £17.95

AlSi5 (NG21) Aluminium MIG Welding Wire 0.8mm (2Kg Reel) AWS A5.10 92 ER4043 EN 18273-S 2004 AL…

8.8mm HSS Long Series Drills (10)

QD8.8-LG8.8mm HSS Long Series Drills (10)

£19.15 £14.95

   8.8mm HSS Long Series Drills Superior ground flute, manufactured to DIN 338, 118 …

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